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The Bliss Hoodie 2


The first aromatherapy hoodie - featuring a CBD & Eucalyptus treated heavyweight cotton, and patent-pending aroma-hood designed with invisible pockets and perforated mesh for aromapod scent diffusion. 



Holistic Well-being: The Bliss Hoodie offer wearers a unique combination of physical comfort and mental relaxation through feel and scent. 


Customizability: Users can choose scents based on their mood or need. Lavender for deep relaxation, and Eucalyptus for clarity and stress reduction.


Long-Lasting: The mineral-based diffusion of the aromapod ensures a prolonged scent experience for up to 3 months.


Therapeutic Benefits: Essential oils are renowned for their potential in boosting moods, and promoting stress and anxiety reduction. 


Easy Maintenance: No need to repeatedly spray or refill. Simply open a fresh Aromapod, slot it into our patent pending hood, and let the magic begin.


Safe to Use: Without the need for flames or heat, it offers a risk-free alternative to candles or heated oil diffusers, ensuring peace of mind.

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November 20th, 2023

& Lavender

Through aromatherapy functional medicine expert consultation, we have curated the essential oil fragrances that maximize your wellness. 

Designed In California 

Life Cocoon products are made in California with patent-pending
design and technology.


Mineral Powered

Our Aromapod is made of an all natural mineral that is caste with your favorite essential oil fragrances.

Image by Annie Spratt


Our fabrics are washed with an all natural CBD & Eucalyptus Oil for maximum comfort and therapeutic benefit

Image by Marianne Krohn

100% American Cotton 

Our 100% cotton is sourced from ethical family owned farms in North Carolina.

Image by Lalit

Designed in California

The Bliss Hoodie is manufactured in California using patent-pending technology & design. 

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